Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lazarides and The Vinyl Factory Present: BRUTAL

Lazarides and The Vinyl Factory present an exhibition of great artwork in central London. BRUTAL is running until 27th of October 2013 and is located on 180 Strand, London, WC2R 1EA
The theme is BRUTAL and 16 artists are showcasing a mix of murals, videos and  installations.

Artists participating: 
Antony Micallef, Ben Woodeson, Bill McRight, Brad Downey, Cleon Peterson, 
Conor Harrington, DALeast, Doug Foster, Estevan Oriol, James Lavelle, Katrin Fridriks, 
Karim Zeriahen, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Pose, Sebastian Horsley, Todd James. 

Only two days left! If  you are in London just go on the website and book your place.

Installation by Daleast

Close up Faile

Mural by Cleon Peterson 

Artist: Vhils

Installation by artist Know hope

Painting by artist Conor Harrington

Artist: Katrin Fridricks 

Installation by Mark Jenkins 

Installation by Lucy McLauchlan 

Video installation by Doug Foster 

From the exhibition website: 

BRUTAL will explore the brutality of the times we live in, how this is reflected in the objects around us and our perception of the world. With a chilling new central London location for this year's creative carnage, the roster of artists are set to produce their most brutal works to date, incorporating installation, sculpture and film bigger and bolder than ever before.
"A BRUTAL show in a beautiful building for brutal times" Steve Lazarides

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