Wednesday, 16 October 2013

La Tour Paris 13 - Art outside the galleries

Located along the Seine, La Tour Paris 13 is an unmissable bright orange building and host to the largest temporary gallery to date in Europe. 

Back in 2004, Mehdi Ben Cheikh opened the Galerie Itinerrance  in Paris 13th arrondissement. 
After hearing that a buidling from the 50s, called les Sablieres, would be demolished he negotiated with both the town hall and ICF habitat Sabliere to set up an ephemeral gallery with a free public entry. 

Over more than 8 months, hundred of international street and graffiti artists participated in this project, each leaving their unique mark over 9 floors within 36 apartments.

The building now known as La Tour 13 is not only spectacular but also ephemeral as the building is due to be demolished later this year. 
But you will still have access to the Gallery online via where you will have 10 days to save each of these works of art by clicking one pixel at a time. On the 11th day only pieces entirely saved will appear on the website. 

Here is a selection following my visit a couple of weeks ago ....

The facade was painted with distinctive calligraphy style work by the artist El Seed.
He also painted one of the room with more pics further down.  

French artist: Ludo

Check out the teaser

British artist: David Walker and a portrait of Rimbaud by Jimmy C who currently has a show at Pure Evil Gallery in London, the Riot Series running until the 27th October More info here

Artist Jimmy C (Australia)

Artist: NEMI

Cats stencils by French artist: C215

Artist EIME from Portugal 

Artist: Mario Belem 

Pantonio  also participated inside the block and on one of the facade

Portrait carved into the wall by artist Vhils

Agostino Lacurci (Italie)

Amazing 3D painting by Peeta, graffiti writer, sculptor and painter from Venice (Italy)

Artist: Ortica Noodles 

Work by KATRE 

COPE2 & Indie 184 (US)

Mosko & Associes work on reflection

Artist: Seth (France)

Artist:  INTI

Artist: Stinkfish

You can see the work by ETHOS (Brazil) through the door and the room decorated by JAZ (Argentina)

Artist: SPETO

El Seed (Tunisia)

Dan23, talented artist from Strasbourg 

Spanish artist B TOY

Artist: Uriginal
Maz (Saudi Arabia)

Alexöne (France)

Artists: Julien Colombier, Alëxone

Artist Thor in action 

Reaone (France)

Talented artist: Guy Denning (UK) with a glimpse at Philippe Baudelocque's work through the door

JB Rock from Italy 

Chalk time with artist Philippe Baudelocque (France) 

Artist: Flip (Brésil)

Sambre (France)

Artist A1one from Iran 

Bom.K & Liliwenn (France)

Shoof (Tunisie)

STeW (France) 

La Tour Paris 13 is now open for a month to the public until the 31st of October 
from 12pm until 8pm @ 5 Rue Fulton, 75013 Paris, 
Metro Quai de la Gare 

There is a list of all participating artists on their website too:

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