Friday, 2 August 2013

Jana & Js in London


I was happy to see the recent work of the French and Austrian couple Jana & Js around London. 
The photo above was taken next to the main door of the recent D*Face show  (covered) 'The New World Disorder' @ Stolenspace Gallery

Jana & Js’ work can be seen both outdoor and indoor at exhibitions. The artists get inspired by the city and its architecture, they paint urban landscapes, simple architectural details and portraits in mirror sets as shown in the photo below. They use the stencil technique based on their photographic work.

They now live in Salzburg in Austria after spending a few years in Madrid and Paris.

For more news and pictures:

(Working Class Artists) is a collective of stencil artists created in 2005 , Jana & Js joined in 2006. To see more pics visit the link: WCA Stencils

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