Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Upfest 2013 - Bristol

Upfest 2013 is the Europe's largest graffiti arts festival. 
Bristol made way for 250 artists from across the world, taking part in live painting and illustration battles. There were so many fantastic pieces during the festival that it made it difficult to take them all. Here is a selection ...

A new stunning addition to the festival, replacing the Smug one's fantastic piece, by French artist C215

Bristol Artist Andy Council - Check out this link for more pics on his work earlier this year

Artist Dan Kitchener aka DANK - In progress ...

Work by Sokar Uno

I cannot wait to see this finished piece by the amazing artist Faith47

DALeast recently painted stunning murals in London and we spotted him working on this huge wall in Bristol

Wow!! by Jim Vision and Zadok

Louis Masai and DALeast in progress 

Loving this amazing work by Telmo Miel

Pimp my ride! by MydogsighsFunns and Kazland having fun

Artist: Copyright - This one was made earlier but I just love it

Peeta's mural in progress 

Just love this one, the pic doesn't do any justice to this piece...

Dan Kitchener 

Tank Petrol

Amazing mural by SNUB

Artist EOIN

Artist Copyright

Awesome work by Id-iom

Piece by Naskool

I am not sure about these artists - Feel free to comment

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