Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Chichester Street Art Festival 2013, UK

Street Art London that works alongside street and graffiti artists has recently organised a fantastic event bringing together renowned street artists in Chichester, UK 

It was a bank holiday, the sun was shining so I had no reasons not to check it out! Chichester is a lovely city by the way.

Italian artist RUN created this amazing mural

If you look closer you can spot a huge mural by Sheffield street artist Phlegm on the left 

The amazing 3D sculptor CityzenKane aka CZK was there too! 
I just love his impressive sculptures - You can find more info on his street installations on Hookedblog website
To follow CZK's work and projects you can find him on Instagram

Although this mural is huge, I almost missed this cool piece located in a car park.  This mural is by Parisian street artist Hitnes

I also spotted this epic mural featuring the iconic figures from French artist Thierry Noir who recreated his famous Berlin Wall's artwork. There are more than 100 panels surrounding the Theater!
There is a cool video here from Street Art London

Check out this customized van!

Another amazing mural by Parisian artist Hitnes. It was difficult to get a clean shot as it was packed with people taking pictures!

One of my favourite artists Stik did this cute couple in an alley. Just lovely

Shroom invasion in Chichester by street artist Christian Naagel next to another mural by Thierry Noir.

I also spotted this great mural by Belgian artist ROA. 

Work by Australian London-based street artist Dscreet

Awesome collab with Phlegm and RUN

In progess ...

Mural by Liqen

Another amazing mural by the artist NUNCA

Last but not least, this huge mural by The Rolling People - TRP who are CEPT, SCARCE, SEKS, BRK, SNOE, EGOE and AZIS.

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