Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dulwich Festival

The project is a collaboration between Street Art London and Ingrid Beazley, from Dulwich Picture Gallery

Amazing international artists participated and murals can be found on this map. You can also find a few pics inside the art house - 265 Lordship Lane, Dulwich. 

The art house - Artist: Liqen

With some new additions by Dscreet and Malarko and check out the front door by Mydogsighs

Belgian Artist: ROA

Artist: Pablo Delgado 

The following ones were inside the art house 

Artist: UNGA - Broken Fingaz Crew 

Italian Artist RUN

Aritst: Ben Wilson - Chewing gum painting art!

Stunning work by artist Conor Harrington

Artist: Liqen 

Nice combo: Malarko & Rowdy 

This one was inside the art house 

Artist: Phlegm 

Artist: NUNCA

Remi Rough and System 
Based in A Girl at a Window - by Rembrandt and the The Triumph of David by Poussin 

Artist: REKA 
Based on Europa and the Bull by Guido Reni

Artist: Mydogsighs

Mushroom by Christian Naagel 

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