Thursday, 2 January 2014

Avant Garde Urbano - Tudela, Spain

The 4th annual Avant Garde Urbano  festival was held last September / October in Tudela de Navarra in Spain. 
The event is organised by the Cuban American artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada

The festival's mural line up featured the best urban artists in the world including Vhils (Portugal)Ron English (USA)Faith47 (South Africa), DALeast.  As well as C215 (France), Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Ripo, Sixeart, SUSO33Evan RothFilippo Minelli, Buenos Aires Stencil, El Mac  and JCHM IX. 

Sam 3 

C215 ans Sixeart 

Run Don't Walk and Buenos Aires 

Friday, 20 December 2013

Midge & My Dog Sighs in London

Both artists have recently collaborated with these lovely paste ups that can be spotted all around East London. 

My Dog Sighs famous for his distinctive realistic eyes paintings on cans and Midge have been busy and these cool paste ups are hard to find you really have to look carefully to see them. 

They have been using old magazines pages and painted on them. I really had good fun finding them. 

Midge has also been busy and here are a few of his paste ups spotted  around

I also found a few My Dog Sighs' paste ups, here is a selection

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Paris

This is the artist's Homage to Phillipe Pinel, a  French physician who was a founder of moral treatment. 

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is a Cuban American artist. He was recently in Paris where he completed this stunning mural.
His technique consists in using charcoal and the artist's states on his website that 'I chose charcoal for its transparency and ephemeral quality' - More content Here

You can also find his work at Galerie Mathgoth where the artist is currently having his show 'Texture Urbaine' running until the 9th November 2013. 

Galerie MathGoth
34, rue Hélène Brion - 75013 Paris (métro Bibliothèque François Mitterrand)

He is a founder of the New York Culture Jamming movement. 

'Since the late 90´s he has been replacing the faces of cultural icons chosen by advertisers with the faces of anonymous people to question the controls imposed on public space, the role models designated and the type of events that are guarded by the collective memory. Rodríguez-Gerada´s unique direction was mentioned in Naomi Klein´s book No Logo and was a precursor of the use of anonymous portraits now common in street art. His spectacular interventions are created for the sake of bringing awareness to relevant social issues. His large scale time base works avoid negative impact on the environment, challenge the conformity in contemporary art and allow for a reflection that goes beyond the completion of the piece to focus in its concept, process, and the metaphor that comes forth because of the material chosen'. (Source: Artist's website)

Monday, 4 November 2013

Etats des Lieux @ Galerie Du Jour Agnès B, Paris

A few weeks ago I managed to squeeze some of my free time in Paris to go and visit the show Etat des Lieux at Galerie Du Jour Agnès B.

Located in one of my favourite area of Paris, the gallery held a exhibition featuring a collective of brilliant artists.

Once you passed the front library you follow your way to the back until you discover this great piece by Krink at the entry of the gallery.

Inside, an unexpected collaboration between Philippe Baudelocque and Seth Globepainter that was made with chalk and that made my day.

If you look closer you can spot Monsieur Qui's mural on the right hand side.

Mural by Monsieur Qui , who will soon be painting Le Mur on Saturday 9th November

Another stunning butterfly piece by Ludo

Some cutness to finish this post with this seahorse by Philippe Baudeloque

Galerie du jour agnès b. 44, rue Quincampoix 75004

« J’ai voulu faire une galerie pour donner à voir ce que j’aime. On dit une galerie mais on pourrait dire un endroit pour montrer l’envers et l’à côté des choses, montrer de la peinture, de la sculpture, des photographies et, chaque fois, en même temps, essayer d’inventer de nouvelles façons de faire circuler les images, de les rendre à la portée de tous : esquisses, pochoirs, sérigraphies, gravures, etc. On y trouvera aussi les expositions faites par la galerie. L’endroit est encore brut, encore un peu boucherie. J’espère qu’il deviendra un lieu vivant où l’on voudra revenir, et s’arrêter. » 

Agnès b. , 1984